We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.
— Anais Nin


I believe that story is our most transformational ally to reveal our own truths and become vessels for social change in the world.

I have always found solace and wisdom in hearing a powerful story, reading a good book, and writing poetry and stories. My story medicine work is a mosaic in the making - weaving expressive writing, storytelling, storymaking and journeying to unlock wisdom within. Playing with folklore, mythology, fairy tales, and other stories in a way that takes us out of ourselves and yet connects us even deeper. As a Keeper and Facilitator of this work, I support women to navigate through the deepest and darkest parts of the proverbial forest to remember, release, reclaim, and activate their truth. I work with women who - underneath layers of conditioning - are truly wild beings, who refuse to be tamed and cannot be contained - women who crave expansiveness beyond their current boundaries. My years as a development worker with other cultures has driven me to add another layer to this work by acting as a conduit for raising social consciousness - leading me to step forward as a Mentor for women, supporting them to create social impact in community and co-create movements. I am looking to connect with women who want to experience the magic of story medicine through in-person circles and 1:1 story alchemy mentoring (in-person or online).

My journey in humanitarian work has enriched me with the knowledge and experience of working from a place that weaves the value of identity, empowerment, and inclusive community. Observing and interacting with people from many different cultures, I learned a lot about identity - the sense of self versus our place among the group - and how this affects the way we write our story. Understanding the deeper roots of behavior change and power dynamics, I learned that we truly cannot empower another person - rather we can support others and lift them so that they can empower themselves. I also work from a place where inclusive community will always be the foundation for unifying and supporting people in a way that will sustain. These experiences have become pillars of my continued work in the humanitarian and development space.

As a writer and creative, I support entrepreneurs and organizations in their copywriting to capture and convey the essence of their business and the stories they long to tell. I am seeking to connect with people and organizations who are curious about the intersection of story medicine and copywriting - desiring word witchery to share their stories of impact.

One will usually find me getting lost with my novels in indie bookshops [coffee in hand], dabbling in ideas, and daydreaming of faraway lands - all in between chasing my wild little boys around.

I love virtual coffee, so please reach out to connect!