Stories are our most transformational allies as we navigate how we move through the world.


Stories ask for us to vulnerably share AND deeply listen.

Stories dismantle and transcend barriers.

They invoke both our intuition + imagination.

They reconnect us to our ancient roots and the wisdom of story.

For in all of us lives the spirit of the storyteller and the storymaker.

We have merely forgotten throughout time.

Story is a healing and activating modality, with the power to impact the individual and ripple into the collective.

The unfolding captivates us and connects us, speaking to our soul and human existence.

Our stories are the heart of each of us.


As a Story Medicine Keeper - I hold space for womxn to gather in circle to nourish their own creative, socially conscious and wild vessel through the power of story medicine.

Held in sisterhood, womxn reconnect to their roots and remember - through character exploration, the art of play and expressive writing - using storytelling and storymaking to illuminate and reclaim their own truth and creations.

These circles connect womxn in community to nurture sense of belonging, inspire co-creation, and be in solidarity - creating a space for them to feel activated to take creative action and foster movements for social impact.

Currently story medicine circles are offered in-person in Asheville, North Carolina.

Tuesday, February 12th

Tuesday, March 12th

Tuesday, April 9th

For more information, please contact :

If you are interested in discussing me holding a circle in your local area, please contact me at the email address above.


Do you feel called to go deeper?

To alchemize the medicine of story - weaving the pieces of the inner and outer realms to rewrite your own narrative?

If you are curious and interested in 1 : 1 mentorship with me, please book a connection call below.