I depend on the writing to move the story.
— Unknown

For creative, spiritual, and social solopreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits

Who else is sick of everyone sounding the same in the online world?

The flavor of sameness is astounding.

People aren’t embracing their own unique voice, instead resorting to buzzwords and similar branding.

The “rules” tell you to follow the mold for “success” and “profit.” (p.s. there are no rules)

What you aren’t told is that this version of success are born from scarcity and fear and will be temporary.

Vision born from truth and purpose will make a difference in the world and have a legacy.

Purpose-driven businesses and organizations are impactful - sustainable - and resilient.

The words and stories they choose to share with the world honor their own unique truth and voice.

Using stories, creative copy, and provoking language as instrumental tools support businesses and non-profits to connect with their audience in a purposeful way and STAND OUT from the masses.

My gift is to breathe your unique essence into vignettes for your audience.

These pieces of inspiration and truth invite people to connect emotionally and reciprocate. A captivating piece of copy or story can cause a ripple of reciprocation -engagement, referrals, trust, advocates, buyers, donors, community - that you deeply desire for your business or organization.

Words are powerful.

Think of words as your ally as you call in your community and carve out your place in the world.




Creative Copywriting

Project-based copywriting tailored to each client’s needs

Intuitive and strategic process

Visual aesthetic and design recommendations

Ongoing maintenance packages available

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“Working with Meghan was like coming back to what my soul wanted to share with the world. She intuitively knew the deep questions to ask me so that I could get out of my head and into my heart and soul.

She has a way of writing words that literally come to life with so much emotion. Now I understand why Meghan calls her work “Story Medicine.” It really is medicine for the soul to speak through the words on the paper.

If you desire for your words to come to life with emotion, schedule a time to talk with Meghan. Her copywriting is pure Magick!”

-Tracy Neely

Intuitive Healer, Soul Priestess, Mindset Mentor